Nifty Gateway Publisher

I am an artist and was just accepted to be a Nifty Gateway Publisher. I am planning to release a 1/1 under my existing Manifold contract. I read that it was doable but I was told by Nifty that Manifold wasn’t accepted in Publisher. Please advise. Is there a workaround if it’s not doable as I also read that we could “add” or “transfer” a Nifty contract to an existing Manifold. Thank you.

gm! I’m not sure about the Publisher side but if you’re looking to drop with Nifty Gateway, all you’ll need to do is mint the token to the Omnibus wallet: Nifty Gateway Drops - Manifold Docs

Tokens minted with Nifty Gateway will need to be burned and redeemed for tokens on a new contract by the collectors.

Thank you. I just want to make sure I understand. So I will mint in my Manifold ERC-721 contract (1/1), then I just airdrop it to Nifty?

I’m not sure what the requirements are for the Publisher’s drop but typically for 1 of 1s and series minting that is the case. Might be best to double check with your producer!

Nifty said no to the article you gave me. Is there a way to add their contract to my Manifold?