No contract in studio after transfering ownership

Hello! I transfered contract ownership from A-wallet to B-wallet, and contract still in the A-wallet studio, and it didn’t show up in the B-wallet studio

gm! When you say that it doesn’t show up in B-wallet - Which page are you referring to?

We’ll need a bit of information here ie, which contract was transferred, what are you trying to do, where are you looking for the contracts etc. Thanks!

contract: 0x0F9a5732E0f9174907Fd24307D839Fb978A4C0cf
from wallet A: 0xca074D33Dd4b2192291117dbA6FAdB4949621869
to wallet B: 0x3893eE1dCD24ff6E69E36f30AD78C796ad42dDB6

Got it - And you’re saying you don’t see this contract when you go to create an instance?

Yes, when I create a new token, I can’t select a new contract. It’s not in the selection list. But I can see the contract in the inventory tab

It should be there now! Please note - you’ll need to switch between the workspaces to find them depending on which address. In the screenshot the top one is Wallet A and bottom is Wallet B

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 9.57.06 AM