No contracts found

Hello, I am trying to mint an additional 1/1 token to one of my collections but I am unable to select any contracts. I can only select “new contract” which is not what I want to do. Many thanks.

Which contract are you looking for? Is it possible you created it on another account?

Note: I currently see two contracts:
LFG and ALD on your account, which are 1155 contracts.

If you want to mint an 1155, you would use the Edition app.

Sorry for the delay. I think these contracts are on another wallet. The wallet I am logged in with is 0xAF9024711511E528360C17478A6296958Acf2B95 - It showing me all the correct NFTs and contracts from the “inventory” but none of these contracts show up if I go to mint. Thanks.

Ah, I see. I chose mint 1/1 but this is the wrong contract type. Is there a way to delete a draft? Thanks.

Ability to delete drafts will be coming soon, hang tight!