No creator core contract address available

Hi there, I searched for this topic on the forum but didn’t find anything. I created a new contract today with an emoji on the name “:fire:/acc”, it looked fine on Manifold but then when I tried to publish my Burn Redeem page, I received the following message.

Something went wrong

No creator core contract address available

The redeem contract appears as :fire:/acc from the Manifold UI but when i click on the link, it’s broken:

Link on the publish screen on Manifold.
Base Account (Invalid Address) (

Actual contract address:
BURNACC | Address 0x7235d7e69d27ce362cc6040e371d9ac671a3c928 | BaseScan

Burns on Base should be fine. Can you give it a shot again and post a screenshot of the error?

It’s a problem with contracts with emojis on the name. Once I removed the emoji, I was able to deploy it.