No metadata update when editing the title of a token


I was attempting to update the title of a token in my collection.

I edited the name of a token in manifold studio, hit save, paid the transaction fee, transaction was a success. Then I goto OpenSea, refresh metadata, wait, refresh page, but it’s still showing the original title of the token. Are token titles not updateable or something?

ty, Snepsid

How does it look on the other platforms? Does it appear correctly on LooksRare or Rarible?

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It is not updating on looksrare or rarible either.

Can you link the token you’re running into issues with? I think the first thing is to confirm the token’s metadata is correct. Some more info here:

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This is the token I am referring to.

The old name is the one I we are seeing now on OpenSea, “It is Now”, I have since changed the name via manifold studio to " C’est Maintenant"

The link you provided only concerns artwork issues not displaying correctly. It doesn’t have any information about metadata properties or things like the name/title of the NFT.

Bumpity bump bump, bump bump?

Hmm - This is the metadata of the token. Do you have a link to the transaction where the change was made to mainnet? In the first line, the title still appears as It is Now.

Can you send us the wallet address used to log into Studio?

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weird, maybe the txn didn’t go through the first time. I did it again and now it is changed. Thank you for your assistance.