Non-transferable NFT with a Manifold mint page

Hi All,
Is it possible to create a non-transferable NFT contract on manifold and still use the Mint Page for the mint event? (to let people say mint a collection of 10k)

hi guys - would appreciate some feedback/help on this please! thanks!

Can someone please advise? would really appreciate the help!

gm - This isn’t supported with the Studio tools atm. It’s possible with your contract but you would need to code your own extension in order for this to work.

thanks for the reply - wish there was a checkbox at the time of deploying the contract to make the minted NFTs soulbound/non-transferrable!


Do you mind telling us more about your use case for this feature? Depending on the use cases and how useful this will be for other creators, we might consider building it!

Hey! Thanks for the reply.
We’re looking to do a NFT collection that will serve as membership passes and were looking to use the mint page app to let people mint the passes on go live.
The reason for making them non-transferrable is a lot of the regulatory burden of (new and upcoming) virtual asset rules, stems from transferability.
Let me know what you think!

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Sorry to jump in mid-thread.

But I also have a usecase for something similar. We would like to make the 1155 tokens non-transferrable for a duration of 1 month (while the open edition is live).

Just chiming in to show more demand for the feature :slight_smile:

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I’m also interested in the ability to set up a mint page for soulbound tokens. I’ve got an allowlist of all my existing collectors and I want them to be able to mint non-transferrable “Collector Tokens” that will be used for token-gated holder benefits like discounts and airdrops. I want to use this token to help streamline tracking all of my collectors, so want to make sure they can’t be sold or transferred. Thanks!

Gm! There’s a new third party app called Souldrop that may fit your requirements! Similar to the claims this is for an ERC1155 tokens with a soulbound mechanic.

Gm! There’s a new third party app called Souldrop that may fit your requirements! You’ll find this in the apps section in Studio.

Gm! Thanks for the response. I checked out the Souldrop app, but it looks like it’s only compatible with erc1155. I ended up minting an erc721 token as an open edition claim page and blocking sale on all marketplaces as a workaround for the time being. Now that my contract is live and tokens have already been minted, is there a simple way to edit the contract so it doesn’t allow any transfers after minting? Appreciate the help

Gm! thanks lyndo… this is useful… but wondering if there will be support for ERC721 at some point

We can look into it! Is there a specific reason you’d prefer the 721 over 1155?

We can look into it, would love to hear more about why you prefer the 721 over 1155. Will help us when we’re building the experience!

The main reason being I already launched the collection as ERC721 and it’s already begun minting, so I’m hoping there’s a way to add this function to my existing contract. I went with ERC721 because I’m using these as “Collector Tokens” to track my individual collectors and be able to offer specific perks to specific holders depending on which token they hold. Ideally I would like these tokens to be soulbound and completely disable the ability to transfer after minting to ensure that my allowlist is the only way anyone could ever receive a token, but for the time being I have just disabled selling on all marketplaces as a workaround.

This is my contract for reference:

Thanks for the help!

thanks for the message!
my use case is similar to @jprittee above in that I am looking to selling memberships and even though I don’t need to track individual tokens at this stage - that is additional functionality which may come in handy later for my purposes!