Not able to edit contract in studio

Hi, I need a little help with my first manifold contract. I created a contract in studio and deployed it, but I can’t seem to manage it in the studio dapp. If I go the edit page for contract, it loads and then immediately redirects back to the studio home page.

Also, if I go into the contract and then go to the tokens tab it shows no tokens even though one has been minted.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

The contract is here: Manifold Studio


Sorry for the problem you are having, just to confirm, the wallet address you are using on studio is 0xEaeAF54e7ad444888DF3AE55648E740CD0c98151?

it looks like you already deployed to mainnet. Once a contract is on mainnet, you cannot edit it.

Could you send me the opensea link to the token that was minted? I can take a look why it’s not showing up on studio

Ah, that makes sense about the edit page. This is the minted token:

I also am unable to find the details for the edition mint page in the UI. Where would I look to find that?

Thank you for the help!

Ah the token was minted on a claim page. We don’t show tokens minted from claim page in studio, only the one you mint yourself in Studio

I see, thank you! Where can I see the claim page details in the app?

If you go to the claim app under “Apps” tab in studio, you can see your created claim

Please let me know if that answer your question.