Not receiving Goerli

I’m so sorry to bug you for this. I’ve been trying to receive Goerli to test my first contract and it just doesn’t land in my wallet. Tried all three links, got all the messages that I can only request once every 24 hours, but so far nothing has shown up in my wallet. I’ve been trying for two or three days already.

Can you please help? I also asked it in the discord and in Alchemy’s discord. But nothing as of yet.

Wallet address

gm - Sent some over!

GM Lyndo, you’re a star! Received and working with it now, thank you so much <3


thank you

Sent some over! Happy minting!


Ohhh, thank you!!! as soon as I can now I can make my first contract to be attached to an NFT…thanks!!

Same issue here, trouble finding goerli

Any help? Thanks so much : )


gm! - Sent some over.

Hi dear
Please give me some sorry

gm! Sent some over. :slight_smile:

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