Not seeing the option to settle as buyer

Hi, I had two auction pages that used Gallery that ended, but I am not able to see the option to settle the auctions as a buyer. The option is there for the sellers, but what can be causing this?

I am logged in and can see the Ended button, but any idea what could be causing this? And is there a solution for this?

Could you provide the links to these listings? As well as your wallet address?

Yes of course :slight_smile:

The two gallery pages were:

And my address is 0x2e6803e20FC55714e7140f516823d2ae27a12c79

Are you logged in - in the top right do you see “Connect Wallet” or do you see your wallet?

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 2.43.31 PM

Yes, was logged in, show my ENS name attached to the wallet address. Tried refreshing several times and connecting again, tried with another browser too.

Both have been settled by the seller already, but would want to know the issue for the future.

We’ll look into it! Maybe bug on our side, but that should show up!

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Should work now! Can you let me know?

Hi, thank you for looking into this! As I mentioned, both are already settled, so I will see again next time once I have a winning bid on an auction using Gallery!

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