Not shown all choices by new createing

I am just try to create some new contract, but when i go to the create page there i will get only the choice for single token and create page. But i want upload some batch of Tokens. But this i can not choice. Do some one where i can find this, because i want Mint my 5000 NFTs, so it would be nice when i can Mint them now soon over here.
Thanks for Helping.

Are these 5k images unique? Sounds like this is closer to a collectibles style drop which we don’t currently support. You can set a claim page if the the 5000 NFTS is a single piece of artwork.

Yes 5000NFTs they are all different,
So i can not set up a Minting page where they can Mint 1 or even more from that site when i am understanding right?
Na then this will not helping me. Than i have to look out for some other site who i can do this.

How can i do if its the same art work ? I can’t set the limit up to 1000 items