Numbered 1/1's not displaying numbers

I am having trouble with the numbers of my collection displaying.

I minted a Manifold contract of 122 ERC721 1of1’s.
I did not notice, because of the long name, that they were not numbered (though the files were).
I then listed on Looksrare.
I noticed that none of my 1 of 1’s had numbers after the title.

I was told I could go back into my Manifold contract an add the numbers.
I did that.
12 hrs later I do not see these numbers at Looksrare or Opensea.
I have cleared my browser cache.

If I understand correctly, I cannot “push” this change out.

Any hints on extra step I need to take to get the Tokens numbers to display.

Thank you in advance

The best thing to do is verify if the metadata you’re expecting is on chain.

If it’s correct, then on some platforms you’ll need to manually refresh the token.

Hello, The link you sent talks about the Image and Arweave.

My problem is the text and I’m not sure how the link applies, as the text is not stored at Arweave.
My text changes are not showing up at ALL marketplaces.

What do I look for on Etherscan to see if my Name Change has been updated?

Thank you

For example this will be one of your tokens. I’ve updated the documentation to help you find the metadata. This can be found by clicking the ‘view metadata’ link in Studio.

(This is an example of one of your token’s metadata)

Thank you, for the update and the link.
I see from the link that my name has NOT been updated.

Where do I go and what do I need to do to update it?

You’ll need to update the text in Manifold and then update the metadata - There will be a slight gas charge.