Numbering messed up in large series

I am creating a series of 100 NFTs and when I got to mint number 60 something wrong happened.

This is the series:

I have currently minted 71 pieces, but it is 72 in the series.

There are two duplicates (token 59 and token 60). So after mint of token 59 the numbering got messed up. I noticed this just now and stopped minting the rest.

How did this happen, and what is the best way to fix this so that the numbering gets sorted out?
When I look at the NFTs/ tokens at it looks like this:

AI Landscape #58 says “Minted #58”, but then there is a jump up to “Minted #60” on AI Landscape #59

I cannot see “Minted #59”.

I really really hope I did not mess it up in a way that makes it so that it cant be fixed. I really appreciate if someone could help me sort this out.


I did some more thinking after taking a break, and I wonder if these are my options:

Option #1:
Edit the metadata of all tokens after 59; update all tokens after 59 with new images and titles.
(The problem with this option is that each token already have been airdropped to unique paper wallets that represents the AI Landscape # which each address have got now.

If I change the metadata all tokens after no. 59 needs to be transfered to different wallets)

Option #2:
Hide token 60 which is the duplicate of AI Landscape #59, and let token 61 represent AI Landscape #60, and token 62 represent AI Landscape #61 etc.

Option #3:
Nuke the contract and tokens and start over.
How do I do this, so that it gets “deleted” and hidden from all platforms?

Is there other options?
Is there anything important to consider before I proceed with one of the options above.

I feel so bad for messing this up, I cannot understand how it happened! :frowning:


I am so sorry this happened to you, but we can still fix it. It looks like you minted token #59 but Studio did not capture it for some reason. I can go ahead and add this token to your Studio and you can then fix up the metadata accordingly. You should be able to update the token metadata even if the token has already be airdropped. Does this work for you?

I have gone ahead and added token #59, you should now see it on your studio.

Thanks Don! :))

I should be able to figure out a way to fix it now. The main problem now is that each wallet is it dropped to have had custom paper wallets made for them (with the exact NFT artwork printed on them), but now I need to update the metadata and each paper wallet will get the wrong artwork; but I will just need to go a ahead and print and rework new paper wallets for these specific ones, and the address with duplicate will need to get funded and send out the token to a new address. But based on this I think I should be able to go on with the contract.

Do you have any idea on what would cause this duplicate? I was trying to be really, really careful to mint the correct NFTs to correct addresses. I am 99.9 % sure I did not mint the same artwork twice as duplicate to the same address.

I was logged in via metamask on mobile, using wallet connect.
I was having issues with the mobile wallet catching and initiatiing TXs’, so I had to retry to mint several times from time to time. (ignore pending TXs that wasnt signed etc.).

Could there be that metamask showed me an old TX to be signed that I ignored in studio?
How can I interpret the TX in metamask to be sure that the correct token number is minted each time I mint; is that possible?

Thanks again!

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