One Manifold contract for all my collections?

Somewhere in the docs I read that it is recommended to have one contract as an artist. And then separate different collections of my works by properties.
how does this work out with marketplaces like opensea then afterwards? as how I know it, you can create a collection there by verifying ownership of the underlying smart contract.
but I would like to have single opensea collections/pages for all my different collections. is that still possible when choosing the basis setup of only one manifold contract for all my art?

any help appreciated!

Depends. I think most people do a separate contract for 1 of 1s and a separate contract for editions etc. probably depends how you want to split things up. Opensea treats each new contract as a collection

Thanks. I also found a solution for me. It is possible to have one “main” manifold contract with all my artwork and then I can add the single items to different collections on my opensea. There is a “change collection” option on each item on OS.

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How can I find it? I don’t see it in the options… :smiling_face_with_tear: Can you please send me the link to your collection? :eyes:

I created one ERC-721 contract for all of my artworks, separating different collections by properties. I also plan to have ERC-1155 for multiple editions as a separate contract. Hope it helps.