One Mint Page with Multiple NFTs

Can you please create a way for artists to make a mint page to sell any combo of 1/1s, editions and/or auctions all on the same page? For example a page with 10 variants for sale, or a page with a 1/1 auction, one edition of 5 at a set price and one edition of 50 at a set price, all available to buy/mint on the same page. If this is possible already, how can we do this?

gm! There are several ways you can do this right now. It’s possible with our widgets, you can see a few examples here:

There’s also a third party app in the apps called that allows you to drop links into a gallery style webpage.

@lyndo Gm and thanks. If there was a no code, easy to use option that would be super helpful. For example, if we can create new tokens as usual (set price, quantity, or auction and time etc.), and then once we have the tokens created, we can then easily create a mint/sales page via manifold and just select which NFTs we want to include on that page.

-I’ll check out Curate app in more detail but it only allows for 5 pages to be made.
-I’ll check out the widgets in more detail as well.