Open Edition not showing OS icon on 721 claim page

Hello Community,

1st question: I’ve got a couple questions, but the main one is View on Platforms button at the bottom of the Claim Page does not show OpenSea. IF it is possible, where can I fix this?

2nd question: My previous 1155 contract is named wrong. Can I change the name of that contract? I’ve got a second ‘gift’ minted to it and it shows up as the Title of the first minted Claim Page “Spools” and not the contract name “HAA55”. Any ideas? screenshot of how it appears on ETH dot co and OS.

Thank you!

I changed the name of my 1155 contract in OS. YAY. So question 2 above is DONE.

I also changed the name of the URL on OS and now it doesn’t show in Manifold Studio. Is there a way to update the URL in Etherscan? And will it still be eligible for OS on chain royalty settings since it is Grandfathered in?

New question… Will my Collectors and Contracts show once the original contract has been moved over from bad wallet to the new one?

New question…in the Description my 1155 contract shows By JulietHaas-DOnotUSE. Once my contracts are move to my NEW wallet will I be able to edit this? It is what I re-named the OS account associated with the BAD wallet.

I still don’t see anywhere to show OS on View Platforms button.