Open Edition page showing outdated information


My Open Edition is showing outdated settings. More precisely, (1) the creator address ens name is not being resolved, (2) outdated description while the linked arweave content is indeed up to date.

Instead of showing the user address, it should be showing the following ENS domain: deployer.buzzedbears.eth

The out of date description reads “reinterpreted without any restrictions by seven local artists:”, the arwave version reads: “reinterpreted without any restrictions by seven local artists curated by the What Is Happening Here Gallery:”


Circling back on this after 6 days of no answer.

As of right now the open edition is live and is still showing outdated information

Hi! Just a heads up it looks you updated the information on your Token instead of the Claim. If you look at the Page section when you go into your claim settings, you’ll see the description is still what you’re referring to as the outdated info. You’ll need to update that section and the update will happen.

Have you setup your reverse ENS? This might be the issue:

Ty for the quick reply.

Just fixed both, is there a timeline for the new reverse ENS record to be set on the frontend?