Open Edition token Not Replicated in its Entirety in Marketplaces

Hi Lyndo/Wilkins, I appreciate your past assistance excuse me for being a slow learner, but I am almost there. I appreciate your response to the questions below.

I minted a token and airdropped to my wallet, it is showing up in marketplaces without the Open Edition details: dates, prices, etc.

Also, in the different marketplaces is showing the top of page empty no images of the NFT, just at the bottom. There is a small box and a large rectangle both are empty. How can I input images in each area?

Find below links:

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Gm! I believe you’re referring to the collection title/thumbnail. This is the intended behavior as it’s not necessarily rendering the artwork but giving you to ability to add a thumbnail to the collection.

Ex. If you go into Opensea there will be an edit collection section where you can define the look of the collection.

Hi Lyndo, I appreciate your answer I will look into editing the top section of the listing.

A) I am not sure what happens with regards to the Open Edition details, they are not showing in any of the marketplace listings, do I have to enter the terms, dates, prices manually and in each one of the marketplaces?

B) Are there any marketplaces that do not do Open Editions? If so, please let me know which.

C) Can I list the Open Ed in all of the marketplaces at the same time? If I can let me know.

I am getting closer to launching my first NFT therefore all of your answer to the above questions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hmmm - I think there’s a bit of a disconnect here with the way you’re describing the Open Editions.

When creating an Open Edition, the tokens are being lazy minted, meaning you as the creator do not mint the tokens, your collectors do. In this scenario, the gas price is covered by the collectors. When you deploy an Open Edition on Manifold it’s being sold by yourself with a page deployed by Manifold. It will be available for secondary sales on the different platforms.

Our documentation might help you dive in further:

Ok now I understand how the Open Editions work. I am grateful for your help in these final rounds of my learning curve.

Then, it is up to me to promote and attract collectors to my Page in Manifold. I will do the marketing of the Nfts.

But I went ahead airdropped a token to my wallet and it was then that the token appeared in the different marketplaces. You are saying that it is for secondary sales, right?

I had not reviewed my email until recently and I found this message from Manifold from midnight. I guess it could be regarding the token that was Airdropped to my wallet.

However, when I click on the link it shows my smart contract but it says:

(for a few seconds and then it is blank)

Manifold message:

Congratulations! Your files have been uploaded to Arweave!

The files in your recently created series has finished uploading. To continue with the minting process, please click the link below:


Manifold Studio Team

I appreciate your assistance I am getting a better understanding of the platform. I am almost there.

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