Open Edition Token to Continue Minting link Not Working

Hi Lyndo, this is SparkyNazaren I am grateful for your help in these final rounds of my learning curve.

A) It is up to me to promote and attract collectors to my Page in Manifold. I will do the marketing of the Nfts.

B) I went ahead airdropped a token to my wallet and it was then that the token appeared in the different marketplaces. You are saying that it is for secondary sales, right?

C) Which of the Marketplaces do Open Editions on secondary sales? Can you list them? or do they do them only as Primary sales?

D) I had not reviewed my email until recently and I found this message from Manifold from midnight. It could be regarding the token that was Airdropped to my wallet? Is that correct?

E) Could you check to see if the token was completely minted?

However, when I click on the link it shows my smart contract but it says:


(for a few seconds and then it is blank)

Manifold message:

Congratulations! Your files have been uploaded to Arweave!

The files in your recently created series has finished uploading. To continue with the minting process, please click the link below:


Manifold Studio Team

I appreciate your assistance I am getting a better understanding of the platform. I am almost there.

Take care,

Did you get a chance to read through our documentation? That would help understanding the concepts here. One thing to understand - If you are minting a series this is pre-minting the token to your own wallet and then listing for sale.

This section should help you understand the differences.

b) Once you have airdropped a token from a claim page, it has already been ‘sold’ by you, you can then list it for sale on any platform that will ingest this token automatically.
c) Any platform that automatically ingests tokens, the owner of that token will be able to list it for sale. If you are selling an Open Edition on a Manifold Claim Page that is where the sale of the token takes place. Once those tokens are sold or minted out, the tokens in the end can resold on one of these marketplaces.

Hi Lyndo, I am very grateful for you response. I did read the documentation I missed the part that if I minted the token to myself (airdropped it to my wallet) then it is ready to be sold in all supporting platforms. Now I totally get it. Sorry for the overlook.

Then, I have to promote the Open Edition of Manifold in social media to attract collectors to purchase the Nfts.

I wanted to offer a free Nft to the 1st - 100 collectors, which is the same image of the token purchased with some effects so it is a different image Nft, to those 100 collectors, but I do not want to pay gas fees for minting those free token/Nfts.

Can I do something like this? and How would I do it? if it is possible.

I remain very grateful for your awesome assistance!!