OpenSea collection mismatch

Having a super frustrating back and forth with OS and need to figure out the correct resolution without them.
I made an erc1155 contract on Manifold a year ago with the token symbol SGED.

When I made my first token, and messed around with the OS page for it ( (deleted page on purpose a year ago)), there was some weirdness so I scrapped that initial page and made a new one ( (the desired page)).

Now, when I mint, tokens either show up correctly in the /sged page OR attempt to go to the dead /supergremplineditions page. They are all on the same contract.

Every time it screws up and goes to the dead page, I have this amazingly stupid back and forth with OS until they finally grow a fucking brain cell and put the tokens in the desired collection - frankly, I’m tired of doing that. It’s a massive waste of my time.

Is there anything I can do on my end to fix this?

Gm - Thanks for reaching out. I totally get how frustrating this is, unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do on our end if you’re minting on that contract. New tokens will have to be handled by Opensea’s team.

Thank you so much for the help~