OpenSea link not listed on Manifold Claim Page

Hi everyone,

For some reason on Manifold Claim Pages I do not see a link with logo to OpenSea. In particular to the right of “FIND TOKENS ON SECONDARY” I only see links for Rarible, Foundation and LooksRare.

Why is this? And will they add an OpenSea link?

Thank you

Have any tokens been minted to it? Until tokens are minted to a contract Opensea won’t be able to populate or preview a collection.

Yes all tokens were minted. I can see the collection on OpenSea. BUT on the Manifold Claim Page there is no logo link to OpenSea.

I only see Rarible, Foundation, and LooksRare. Where is OpenSea?

Can you provide the link to the Claim page?

This is an issue on my Claim Pages as well - EYES OPEN

I’m having the same problem as well. My artwork is showing up on all platforms but OpenSea also.