Opensea Royaltiess

Hi, I have issues with royalties on one contract created nov 11, 2022.

On manifold, it says:
Your OpenSea royalties are currently set to 10% on mainnet, nice!

But, on Opensea it says they will stay optional for the seller (not enforced)

The usual solutions do not work:

  • On manifold, there’s no option to apply the operator filter, since it says they’re already enforced
  • On Opensea, I used “refresh eligibility”, but it does nothing

How can I solve this?
Thank you so much

Hi marco, what’s your wallet address / contract address?

Hi Kartik thank you for the answer!

This is the collection’s address: 0x353484F6E590a37D74b357a71328C5FbfBd33918

Whats your wallet address? 0x7eC37A15327eB3207038470876714F373809Ee63?


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Ah ok I see what’s up. So contracts created before 12/1/22 can not have marketplaces blocked due to contract limitations.

OpenSea reversed their policy a few months ago so that those contracts are no longer grandfathered into enforcement, the text you’re seeing is unfortunately incorrect as we didn’t update it after OpenSea’s policy change.

Sorry :frowning:

Oh… gotcha :frowning:
At least now I know I can’t do anything about that.
Thank you very much Kartik for your help :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

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What are the right steps to enforce royalties on OpenSea? Or is it impossible to do? :eyes: I specified % of royalties I want to get on Manifold. Are there any other steps I should take to enforce the royalties? :smiling_imp:

OpenSea is changing their policy again. No one will be able to have royalty enforcement soon.