Operator Filter not working?


I created a new contract and minted a token (https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x89781bb6d8a21ab6f6be7860f649be223db1dcaf/1). After minting, I set the operator filter on an it says on Manifold that I should be all set but double check Opensea.

On OpenSea it says:
Creator earnings will be optional for this collection on OpenSeaYou can set suggested creator earnings but they will be optional. Sellers can choose how much creator earnings to pay, up to your suggested creator earnings. Learn more about how to enforce creator earnings.

Gulp! Help?

Thanks for bringing this up! We’re actually in contact with Opensea about this issue and expecting it to be solved shortly.

Thank you! Is it a UI bug, or is actually not enforcing currently?

Just an update, a “refresh eligibility” button came up, when I clicked it, it now worked!