Optimism claim not sending ETH

Hey, ive just done this optimism NFT - Manifold-Optimism Creator NFT

however, it didnt send the 0.004eth to me, i see a few other users are having similar problems. it calls a different contract


Hey! Let us look into this. Did you mint from the official page or elsewhere?

Thanks for reporting this issue. We’ve found and addressed the issue. We’ll deposit your ETH soon.

yeah no problem, i claimed on two wallets, and i found out about it through Daylight (web3 social platform). After the first claim, i couldnt figure out where the 0.004 was, so I went through twitter the second time. Both were just manually done via webpage though.

Also, you dont have to send the amount to both wallets, or either wallet really. Just figured team would want to know as i see others minting it and that manifold already accounted for the ETH onchain.