Order of the Images on the Curate page and overall look of the curate page



2 Questions about claim page app in combination with Curate app

I just finished uploading all my claim pages to then combine them together on the curate app. However, unfortunately for some reason the order is changing and I really want to show these images in the correct order. Is there a way to control the curated page order.

Futhermore, is there a way to not show the white text below the images, in order to get a nice clean gallery?

Looking forward to your help.

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The order of the images is the order of you adding them when you create the curate app. If you would like to reorder the images, one way right now is to delete them and add them back again. We are working on a solution so you can reorder them but that feature unfortunately is not available at the moment :frowning:

@lyndo what do you think about removing the text?


Hi, Actually, I added them in the correct order, however they go down first and then across, instead of across first and then down. Is that possible to change? I would have to calculate which numbers go where, not a logical order.

And is there a way to add hard returns in sentences?

Now all text is combined into one long sentence and it doesn’t look so nice

Has there been any update to this issue? I would also like to be able to control the curate app more intentionally when embedding on my website.

Additionally, the curate app appears to pull the thumbnails of a video file with extremely low resolution. The thumbnails are in high resolution on Manifold studio, but look quite poor on the Curate app. Any thoughts?

Here is my curate link: Share | Manifold

Hi, not to my knowledge yet

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No worries, thank you! Your curation looks great by the way. You didn’t have issues with low res thumbnails? Perhaps it’s because mine are being pulled from video…

What you’re sharing here isn’t the Curate app - This is Manifold Share, there’s actually a bit of cross over in the functionality but they are separate projects. Will let the team know!

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Sorry for the delay, appreciate your response!

So just to clarify, the Curate function in Manifold Share is different from the Curate app? Is there a resource with more information explaining the difference?

I am looking to be able to organize my NFTs listed on multiple Gallery auction pages in a single Curate function that can then be embedded as a widget on my website. Right now, I just have links out to the individual Gallery pages (Chapter II: RENEWAL - Wanderloots Photography). Being able to direct people to a single location for the entire collection would be helpful.

Ideally, I would also like to be able to control the relative positioning of the different NFTs that are pulled through Curate.

On Curate there isn’t a way to sort, the tiles will appear in the order that they have been added.

There’s a few ways you can create a gallery - Another option is to use the widgets. Some examples here:

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