OS doesn't see it, could the token have been stuck due to a bad transfer?

Would you mind looking at the contract? : https://etherscan.io/address/0x2d3fC875de7Fe7Da43AD0afa0E7023c9B91D06b1
Was this transfer completed in the middle or not?

I can’t see the nft either in my metamask or in opensea. I tried to validate it according to this: https://docs.manifold.xyz/v/manifold-studio/essentials/faq#opensea-why-doesnt-my-artwork-show-up, but it didn’t work.

gm tamasantal,

I took a look at the contract and i’m not entirely sure what is going on? how was this contract deployed, it dosn’t look like our standard contract that was deployed via Manifold Studio. Looking at the second transaction it did fail as there were not tokens that were minted on this contract which also makes sense as to why you can not see them on OpenSea.

hi richerd,

Thanks for checking it out. I minted it on Manifold, everything was regular. After that, it appeared in the gallery just fine. Now I don’t understand that if this is a manifold contract token and it is visible on the gallery, then why does it seem that it was not minted through Manifold Studio? The nft shown in an exhibition and someone wanted to buy it, but was it stuck all the way? Can the developers help with this?

Can you provide a link to the NFT? you may have just provide the wrong contract address and we might just be looking at the wrong thing.

Looking at the contract address you referenced above 0x2d3fC875de7Fe7Da43AD0afa0E7023c9B91D06b1 there are no NFTs on that contract.

I see, thanks. I owned the nft with that adress and transfered it to my another account. So the transfer is there, but the nft nowhere, check it: Ad break

The token is here on OpenSea:

Currently held by the Manifold Gallery marketplace, since it’s listed for sale.

For reference this is the contract where you can view the tokens and all transactions related to the NFTs on the contract


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I totally confused. Why it is held by Manifold Gallery? I also don’t see the listing for 1,6eth. I listed it here: Ad break , and it says I’m the owner of this piece, right?
So that’s why I didn’t see this NFT in my wallet. I’m not the owner in real, but I’m the creator, so I should see it. How could it happened?

What Richerd sent etherscan shows that the transfer went to my account - 0xFc783bfdc155457682cfb9131441761B7Db9e9B7 , according to that, it was not completed. Am I correct? What should I do now?

The other strange thing is that the animation does not run all the way on OS.

In my Manifold contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0xceed74749d11d67fa94744d9666cdc573dcd6619
I think everithing is ok…

It’s because you’ve listed it for sale with a minimum bid of 1.6eth. The way our marketplace works is that when a token is listed for sale, it is transferred to the marketplace so that it can be held for sale and settlement. This guarantees that both the bidder/buyer and seller will settle at the agreed upon price.

If you’d like to get the token back into your wallet you can do so by cancelling the listing.

Thanks for your help. So I understand, everything is fine. Maybe I’ll leave it just like that. I think people who go up to the OS will be confused. If I unlisted it, it would appear on the OS for 1 eth at the old price, right? Or should it be listed again?

“This guarantees that both the bidder/buyer and seller will settle at the agreed upon price.” - clever

What I don’t understand is why the animation on the OS doesn’t go all the way, just a part of the animation? So I can’t even show it there.

Should I write to OS?

On the asset display, yes, I would check with OS. Does it show properly on other platforms like rarible?

Thank you, Wilkins. So I couldn’t find it on rari. I requested the metadata refresh on OS…although I don’t think this is the problem.

Here it is on rarible

Thank you.
and it also doesn’t work there.

If it’s not working, there might be an issue with the original animation. Please try updating the token via studio and reuploading the asset (delete the original image/animation and reupload). This should trigger a transaction and an update on all systems.

but it’s working perfectly on your gallery…

Yes, I see that. But for whatever reason, the gif itself isn’t playing the full animation even if I open the original raw:

Our media cache is able to process it properly and convert to a looping video, but it appears the browser can’t.

There is no problem with the chrome browser, it plays the gif normally.
Maybe OS just play the cover gif, not the full nft itself? I think I added as a cover a short gif…but on OS I can’t see the full anim anywhere.

and what you sent is not the original raw gif, it is my cover gif related to the nft, I checked the frames.