OS royalty explainer

gm! have a question re: the banner adorning the top of the studio page, which reads:

Starting on January 2 @ 12PM ET new OpenSea creator-fee (royalty) rules will be enforced. If you want to remain eligible to earn OpenSea royalties without blocking OpenSea’s required list of marketplaces you will need to deploy a contract AND mint a token before January 2 @ 12PM ET to maintain collection (contract) eligibility.

ok, so I don’t have tokens minted to my contract, I have been using the lazy mint mechanism via claim pages. some of these have been minted, some haven’t. what does this mean for me? if it is a requirement that i need to mint a token on the contract, can i mint a dummy token?


Hey there - if you have any tokens minted from your contract, including those via Claim pages, before Jan 2 @ 12p ET, then your collection will be eligible for creator royalties on OpenSea.

If your contract has no tokens minted on it whatsoever – perhaps you have a Claim page set for a future drop date – then for peace of mind you should mint a first token on that contract (can be a blank token that you can update later). Note: the token must be minted to mainnet.

To be sure, you can simply check your OpenSea profile and if you can view your collection and there is a token on OpenSea today (or before Jan 2), then your collection will be eligible for creator royalties.

Hope that helps.

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ok phew… that’s all good then. thank you for confirming! :raised_hands: