Other platforms showing more editions than I really have

Ok, so I made the mistake of minting a batch of 20 limited edition ERC-721 tokens and then creating a claim page after. Not realizing this would create an extra set of LE’s. What I don’t understand is when you view other platforms on the claim page all the platforms show I have a total of 30 editions. I have tried to change the photo on the original batch so at least they will be separated. That seems to not be working. Should I burn the original bach to fix this? I’m struggling to get an answer for this and its really frustrating. I’d appreciate any help, thank you.

Here is the link to the claim page.


Looks like because the claims and the batch mint of tokens are on the same contract, they are appearing in the same collection. This is why there are 30 tokens. 20 were minted previously and 10 have been claimed on the same contract.

Burning is an option, each platforms treat burning tokens differently and in some cases you may need to request for the platform to ‘hide’ the burnt tokens.

Ahh ok. How would I go about burning the correct tokens? Or, what would you do if you were in my situation. I just want to make it so my collectors don’t have to worry about having a duplicate of something they purchased from me. Thanks for your help.

I still don’t understand how the other platforms are showing the same picture. I went into the original set of editions I minted and changed the picture and some info.