Paid 721 Edition + FREE with Claim Code Possible?

Hey hey,

Seems quite obvious but I can’t seem to get this to work.

I’d like to sell a limited edition ERC-721 for 0.069 each (for public)
also while using a claim code for friends and family (for free)

Is this not possible?

Currently it says “Buy Now 0.069”, then when I click it asks for a claim code ??
Then when I put the claim code (that I want ppl to be able to mint for free) it doesn’t let me mint unless I have 0.069 in my wallet lol. Except the claim code should get them the NFT for free. And ppl without the claim code should have to pay the full 0.069.

Ideally it says “Buy Now 0.069” with a code input area below, and when the code is inputted it becomes “Buy Now - FREE” or “Buy Now - 0.0001”. Just like in normal e-commerce or other usecases of claim or discount codes.

Hope this makes sense!

For reference: Armor Codex | Manifold

Thanks in advance,

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gm! Right now you would need to run a claim in multiple phases - Claim codes for one period and another where there is a price set.

The mechanics are a little different but this might help explain things further: