Pay with Card Error: Invalid Client ID

I enabled credit card payments for a new Claim Page, on Base network. I previously, successfully set up card payments on a Claim Page on Optimism, and set up the collection in Crossmint, and successfully verified Project and Collection.

This time, the Crossmint workflow seemed a little more streamlined, however I don’t recall seeing anything about a Client ID (I seem to recall that step the first time), and, in fact, the Pay with Card workflow on the Claim Page is generating the error:
Invalid provided clientId Error code:payments:client-id.invalid

I have support request in to Crossmint, but any chance there is error on Manifold side? I don’t believe there was a step to enter any Client ID this time, unless I am mistaken…
Everything in settings on both platforms says verified and good to go…

Gm! Thanks for reaching out - Can look into this for you. Can you send us the claim page or the ClientID?

:white_check_mark: Crossmint just fixed this on their end, it’s working now. I don’t know if they changed the setup workflow on their end, but I don’t recall ever seeing a Client ID (although I do recall one on my earlier collection.)

Ok awesome - Good to hear!