Permissions? Can I make the NFT non-transferable?

I need something similar to “soul bound” tokens.

Ideally, I would like to mint an NFT which only the deployer can transfer, not the user I sent the minted NFT to.

I wish to issue derivative artwork to the original IP holder. But I would like to reserve the right to transfer it away from them if they no longer hold the underlying asset.

Example: Holder of BAYC #1234 commissions me to make them a derivative work based on their pfp. I use manifold to “mint to wallet” this derivative NFT and mint directly to them.

I don’t want them to be able to transfer / sell this derivative, it should remain bound to their address.

If they do happen to sell or transfer the underlying asset BAYC #1234, I would like to have the ability as the deployer to transfer the derivative away from them.

Hope that makes sense and something Manifold can help me accomplish?

It is possible to do with your Manifold Contract, however, right now, still requires a custom extension:

We are working on an app that allows the minting of soulbound tokens, but that isn’t available yet.