Photography editions minting

I would like to create a project with 20 images in an edition of 20 each. I am trying the best way to do this, so people that want to mint 1 can do so via a page preferably with the name of my project. Where should I create the contract and which app should I use for showcasing and minting? Or should I mint them all myself so people can buy, but I think that will become very costly for 400 NFTs? Would appreciate some guidance, since it seems there are more ways leading to the result I am looking for.

This depends on the experience you’re looking to provide your collectors. You can for example setup several Claim pages and then use the Curate app to create a listing of the 20 drops. This will allow you to setup a minting page for each of the editions and your collectors will pay the gas fees.

Alternatively, you could just premint them and sell them individually on a platform like Opensea.

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Hi Lyndo, thank you, the experience I would like to offer my collectors is 1 page with all my images from which they can choose and mint the one they like, or multiple ones they like at the same time. Do you maybe have an example of someone who did this?

If I mint them myself, can I mint only a few of the editions say 5 per image and then mint more later under the same edition? Or should it all be done at once?

Any idea what it comes out to in total ETH in gas if eth is 10 Gwei if I mint all 400 myself?