Pinata doesn't provide services like uploading an html file to ipfs, do you have any alternative?

I want to mint an interactive token , the docs say I’ve to upload my html into pinata platform, for free, but now it wants a paid plan to gIVE THE PERMISSION TO upload the html file, any alternative?

Is it just a single HTML file? We should support that now when minting! Can you give it a shot?

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yes i could upload the html now thanks, but there is a responsive bug in the code that i can’t handle it, would you help me in that please
Here’s the testnet minted token

I don’t know if i replyed correctly in the previous message :smiley:

Have you checked out 4everland? I found them more helpful than Pinata

Wow, this is awesome!! It seems responsive to me. On OpenSea when I click it, it spins around :slight_smile:

just used the 5token AR to send it to the arweave

yes but in the mobile it shows zoomed in and user must scroll through its frame to see it all
i wonder if the devs can do smth and help me with that, i have zero knowledge in coding so i can’t figure out what should i do tbh
it’s up for miinting