Planned Manifold Studio Maintenance: May 9, 12 PM PT

On May 9 at 12 PM PT, we have scheduled maintenance for Manifold Studio. We expect there to be about 30-60 min of downtime while we release some exciting new features :eyes:

After the release, access to existing Claim Pages, Burn Redeem Pages, and Gallery Listings may temporarily be affected due to a data migration.

Here’s what to expect during the migration:

  • Manifold Studio will remain accessible for creating new tokens (1 of 1s, Claim Pages, Burn Redeem Pages, Gallery Listings).
  • Existing tokens created through an App will be temporarily unavailable during the data migration. We’ll start the migration with the most recent tokens to minimize disruption, these tokens will be viewable immediately after migration.
  • We anticipate the migration process to take no more than 24 hours.
  • Existing tokens and pages that are live or scheduled will remain accessible to collectors.

Don’t worry if you can’t see your work in Studio, it’s just undergoing migration and will be available at the end of the 24-hour maintenance window.

If you have any question please let us know here on the forum!

We do a little maintenance :construction_worker_man:

Update: We are moving scheduled maintenance window to May 9th at 12 pm PT
Update 2: We are anticipating downtime window for Studio at 12 pm - 1 pm PT. Following that there will be a migration window.
Update 3: We’re still undergoing maintenance! We’re expecting our downtime to last a little longer. Will keep everyone updated when we are back up and running!
Update 4: We’re getting there with the update! Stay tuned.
Update 5: We’re up and running! Thank you so much for your patience!!

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Update: We are moving scheduled maintenance window to May 9th at 12 pm PT :v:

I’m looking forward to the upgrades! Will Manifold be releasing a public statement today about what the new features are?

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