Please enter a valid logo image link

I receive this error when trying to upload a new file. The source image is still in this location. Even removing the link and having nothing as option still has the same error. Please assist, thank you!

Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 5.53.44 PM

Hmmm, thanks for reaching out! Can you take a screenshot of that entire screen with the console showing? Instructions here:

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Thank you @lyndo! Here is full screen and link:

Got it - And this happens if you try to create a new one as well?

hi jwoll,

sorry for the issue. should work now if you try again with that image.


Doesn’t happen with new assets. Trying what david suggested, it was close!! It went past the upload assets, the bar was at the bottom and then this happens. I hit retry and it keeps popping up.

Thanks for including this screenshot – I do see a Wallet is not an administrator for contract in the red here.

Perhaps you switched to another account in your wallet.
Could you refresh the page and make sure you are connected to the wallet that created the contract you are using?