Poor quality of the artwork on Manifold Gallery

Dear users,

I minted my second NFT through manifold but sadly it’s quality looks pretty poor on ManifoldGallery, while it shows properly on Opensea.

Manifold: The witness
Opensea: https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x391efb689268acf07bd4d24634ebda8e4d46ea71/2

Any workaround for this?

gm! Gallery optimizes images but just under the description text you’ll now see a link that points to the original arweave file. This will display the full quality image without any kind of optimization.

Thanks for replying Lyndo.
I appreciate your suggestion and of course, the image is visible at full quality “clicking somewhere” like most of the platforms allow to.
Sadly, my concern is that a not optimal compression system are quite bad for users who land on Manifold Gallery page and users that want to use the mentioned page as a landing page for their works. Basically it’s discouraging at first sight, few will click on “view original work”.
Opensea apparently provides a better solution for it, I think also Manifold should implement it.

What is opensea’s better solution?

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