Possible to Edit Contract Code?

Is it possible to make edits to the contract code?

My ERC-1155 contract: Mike Shupp ($SHUPP)
…displays the name sometimes as “Unidentified Contract

I noticed in the Code, in Etherscan, that at the end of the very first section of code, is:

contract SHUPP is ERC1155Creator {
constructor() ERC1155Creator() {}

Is there possibly supposed to be additional info there, in the last parenthesis? (not the braces)
Such as:

contract SHUPP is ERC1155Creator {
constructor() ERC1155Creator(“Mike Shupp”, “SHUPP”) {}

And if so, can it be edited? Perhaps in Etherscan?

On chain contract code can’t be updated.

The actual erc1155 spec doesn’t have a provision for name or symbol, and that’s what was followed initially.

Newer 1155 contracts added the contract name and symbol as public view functions which etherscan and opensea read from. But older (pre 2022) contracts didn’t have these and can’t be modified.

I believe there may be a way to add this context on etherscan though.