Problem Deploying to Mainnet

Problem Deploying to Mainnet

Confirmed the transaction and then nothing happens
If there is someone alive who can solve the problem I would appreciate it

Did you happen to speed up the transaction? We don’t see this tx on our side, so we’ll debug.

the transaction went through. the money went out. below is a confirmation link. the contract has been created, but on the site itself I can’t get past the “Deploying to Mainnet” step on the second item with the metamask

It’s the 2nd day of trouble

Yes, I can see that and we’re investigating, but did you happen to speed up the transaction or do anything else? Did the browser crash?

What happens if you click ‘Check Previous Transaction’, which is what should be happening.

No I did not accelerate the transaction. the browser was fine. I confirmed it in the metamask and that was it

When I press “Check previous transaction” it is on hold and nothing else happens

when I click “I want to do a new transaction”
and then I click “OK” I just get thrown out

day number three. still can’t do anything

Can you try logging out, clearing your browser cache and cookies and see if it resolves the issue?

I’ve done it all before and more than once


There was a bug on our side and it has been fixed. You should see your contract now on studio. So sorry for all the issues :pray:

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Hi! Yes, everything is fine now. thank you very much :pray: