Problem with a claim page, ask me to publish and pay transaction again

Hello again,
Minted a claim page, then crashed. now he ask me to publish again the page, and make again the transaction to create a claim. (I did it before ofc)

transaction was actually confirmed: 0x74c2135f6f39a44c166111549ed6b676708814e1784227edb2c09a857d61cef7

token 3 was created actually and it is showed on opensea.

also token metadata result not updated on etherscan but corect on opensea
should I sign the transaction again?

Can you send a link to the claim that was created? Or the intended link? Is the 91fC the wallet you use to log into Studio?

Copying this page from the other thread "I published the page, signed the transaction, but the page actually doesnt exist.
i just can see the token created on opensea

after the publishing manifold claim stop working basically. page should be Manifold

if i try to edit from manifold studio, it result as draft yet"

intended link was

this is the wallet I use 0x18D1573a89C9a7CfE14ae77A9B150ad9D57B9AfC
still visualize it as draft, in Studio

lyndo you left me here,