Problem with Claim Page not claiming the tokens

One wallet holder reports no tokens to claim.

I send 5 to my test wallet and only created 1

Can anyone help please, first claim page due to insane gas fees to air drop.

Hi! Could you send me the wallet of the person trying to claim please? Your claim is an exclusive one, so only the people within your allow list can mint

So i have two issues, 1. i only got 1 of the 6 i was allowed to mint
2. I don’t think i set up the node part to mint on a phone.

Can anyone be of any help? Am i no longer able to submit support tickets?

Hi, its Balakay.eth though the # on the csv is 0xC7Fd41e781a2970a8d52987325d7971b81049674

Also it appears the print on mobile is set up properly?

thank you in advance

and Infura seems to also be set up

though it says no stats, even thou 7 are minted & 1x 3 hours ago.


Are people able to mint on your site on mobile phones? If everyone able to mint on their phones then you set up your node correctly!

No confirmations yet, all are doing on PC