Problem with connecting MM

In order for our team to investigate a bug/errors, please provide the following:

  • What is your wallet address? 0x7f79C7b91f71606aFaf68Da2a95653955094ca4C
  • A summary of the issue. Once the wallet is connected it says “no user data” i already have ongoing collection called 444 by Nomoz with 70 NFTs in it
  • What are you trying to do? Long in
  • What is the actual outcome? Are you seeing any error messages? yes the message is “no user date”
  • A screenshot of the issue/error with the console. Instructions here: Reporting Issues to the Forum | Manifold Docs
  • What browser are you using? Chrome
  • What wallet are you using? Metamask

gm - a few questions:

its 1 MM wallet with few accounts one of which was added later on… last time i logged in was for about a month ago… but as i said i have a up and running collection and i need to mint something…

Got it - I believe we’ve resolved the issue, can you try logging in again? Let me know…

hey im logged in now but i dont see my contract / collection in there… it looks like a brand new account… you can check etherscan to see the collection linked to the same wallet… ( )

Can you take a screenshot of your home screen? You’re using this address to log in? 0x7f79C7b91f71606aFaf68Da2a95653955094ca4C

correct… this is the addy…

Any way this issue can be solved ??

hey there!

last I checked your contracts and collections as well as inventory were showing up. Can you verify if this is still the problem? If so any errors in the console?


Still nothing shows up unfortunately and I really need this sorted as I have to mint few artworks ASAP

Please see the attached screenshot…

I can see the contract now… and the tokens even tho it looks very messy…

when i try to create a new art work on the same contract it shows “no mainnet contracts found”

Please look at the tab under “collections” there should be one contact with multiple tokens instead of many collections under one contract…