Problems migrating to NEW wallet from Corrupted MM address

Helo Manifold Community Forum,

I transferred my primary contract to a NEW wallet. The original one is compromised and my Eth keeps getting drained. It shows as transferred on Etherscan, but Manifold Studio does not show NEW wallet or allow me to Add Wallet in my account. MM is gives json error and does not recognize new wallet.

Also, my Platforms do not yet reflect this change and I need to migrate EVERYTHING over so I can permanently archive the bad MM address. I’ve attached screenshots of my issues. I hope they make sense and someone can offer suggested instructions so I can finally get this process successfully behind me and move forward.

Thank you,

I am replying to this email so I can bookmark it for myself. I accidentally created a second account and I want to be able to find my thread again.

Thank you! :grimacing: