Problems minting Goerli (not admin and failed transactions) / Corrupt transaction saved

Hello - I created my contract with 0x9cac159ec266E76ed7377b801f3b5d2cC7bcf40d and I’m guessing i had another account with 0x3Ac1333Ada54c9099E749EbB012E3D6f50a4e73E. When trying to batch mint to goerli, it kept saying that 0x9cac wasn’t the admin/owner of the contract which is incorrect based on the contract creation on etherscan:
etherscan. io/address/0x5ead068685ce5f8e8dd6ce32c4892dd51122c970. SCREENSHOT (Imgur: The magic of the Internet)

Anyway, somehow the platform allows me to mint to goerli via 0x3Ac address but the transaction got stuck. I got an error that I ran out of goerli funds which i still have 0.0782 and now it says to contact support. SCREENSHOT: (Imgur: The magic of the Internet) and “corrupt transaction saved” please contact support.

I had already deployed the contract to MainNet a few months ago and havent had a chance to deploy my tokens to main until today.

Please help! Thank you!


Sorry for the issue you are having. The reason why it kept saying 0x9cac wasn’t the admin is because the owner of your “goerli” contract is different than your “mainnet” contract.
The owner of the goerli contract is 0x3Ac1:
The owner of your mainnet contract is 0x9cac:

The reason this happened I am guessing, is because you first deployed your goerli contract with 0x3Ac1, then switched to 0x9cac to deploy your mainnet contract.

Were you trying to transfer goerliETH to your other wallet while creating the series by chance? The error seems to occur due to a transfer transaction, that was initiated while you are creating the series.

You should be able to try again to mint to goerli now. I have sent 0.01 goerliETH to your wallet at 0x3Ac as well.

Please let me know if you need anything else!

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Hi Thanks for getting back to me. I had initially minted to main net when Manifold was still using rinkeby months ago. I guess addresses got confused. If i mint to goerli on 0x3Ac1, can i still mint my tokens using 0x9cac?

you can! Just need to make sure you mint on goerli with 0c3Ac1, and switch to 0x9cac when you go to mainnet

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