Problems uploading almost 5GB MP4 file to Manifold

Been having this problem for weeks now, but worked around it by pointing a hidden animation_url metadata entry to the file on my web host. Would love to get this file moved to Arweave permanently though.

Had the Manifold team increase my file size when I first signed up in February 2022. Have been able to upload multiple MP4 over 1GB in size and successfully deployed to Mainnet, but my 4.9GB feature film fails every time. It fails anywhere from 60-67% percent most of the time, and is different every time, so I don’t think I’m running into any additional limits.

Has this happened to anyone else? I have one of the only complete feature films minted to the chain as a single token and it displays properly on Rarible and nowhere else, but I’d like to get away from relying on my centralized storage.

If anyone has any ideas or if anyone from Manifold can assist, I’d greatly appreciate it thanks!