Problems with new marketplace links in token page

Have not logged in for a bit and i see you added some new marketplaces, though the link is not correct for Foundation & X2Y2, I get a page not found

Though i did get Superare to work but i have no clue where to see my NFTS or how to list for sale. I did see a link to index my contract and it says it takes 1-2 weeks??? Really? Why when its instantly on others & do i have to do it for ever contract? All the other sites list me automatically. What am i missing?

Can anyone help in either? Thanks in advance!

Superrare is a curated platform. Have you been invited to sell work on their marketplace?

i did not know that, so why would the link to it be on the token page? How do you get their attention?

also, what about the other two that the page link is not working?

Can you give us more info, what token is this? That will help us debug!

All of them
Its these links, these two do not go to a working page

Foundation takes me to
Page not found

X2Y2 takes me here
The page requested can not be found.

Awesome, thank you for the details here! We will take a look