Proof Of Consistency for MerkleTree

Hello everyone,

I’m currently delving into the fascinating world of Merkle trees and facing a challenge that I hope some of you might shed light on. Specifically, I’m interested in establishing a method to prove the consistency between an older Merkle root and a newly updated one. My goal is to ensure and demonstrate that the new tree is a legitimate extension of the old one, maintaining the integrity of the data over time.

Is there a way I could utilize OpenZeppelin’s MerkleProof library for this purpose? I’m not entirely sure about the best approach to implement this consistency check. Has anyone here worked on similar problems or used OpenZeppelin’s tools for this kind of task? I’d greatly appreciate any insights or examples, particularly if there are any related to Manifold Contracts.

If there are any good examples or best practices to follow when working with Merkle trees in this context, I’d be very keen to learn about them. Any resources, tips, or shared experiences would be incredibly helpful.

Durain Dev