Proper Way to Deploy Contracts Before Aug 31 to Qualify for OS Royalties Until Feb 29, 2024

I’m looking to deploy some contracts before Aug 31st to qualify for enforced royalties on opensea and blur in response to Opensea’s announcement: For collections that enabled the OpenSea Operator Filter prior to August 31, OpenSea will enforce the creator’s preferred fees on all secondary sales from August 31, 2023 through February 29, 2024.”

QUESTION 1: With Blur having the most marketshare, I want to make sure I qualify for enforced royalties on Blur as well. I was provided with the instructions included below for enforcing royalties Blur. Do I need to follow these instructions from Blur if I use the Manifold Marketplace blocker? Or what’s the correct way of setting this up? A tweet or post providing instructions to the community would be great as well.

1st: Go here (This is the OS operator filter)

2nd: Navigate to Function “5. subscribe”

3rd: For "registrant (address) input the collection’s contract address For "newSubscription (address) input 0x9dC5EE2D52d014f8b81D662FA8f4CA525F27cD6b (This is Blur’s filter, which includes LooksRare blocking)

4th: Click “write” once the information has been inputted as instructed

5th: Also make sure you have collection royalties set on X2Y2

QUESTION 2: When using the Marketplace blocker app and selecting the operators I want to filter, which marketplaces do I need to select to qualify for enforced royalties on Opensea, Blur etc.?

Side note for improvement on the marketplace blocker function: I know this should be obvious because it’s a marketplace blocker app, but the way it’s set up it’s confusing if I should be selecting the ones I want to block or the ones I want to allow. Based on the instructions when clicking the question mark, it looks like I should check the marketplaces I want to block, but when I click “select to enable royalties on OpenSea” it selects a bunch and looks like it’s blocking those that I want to allow. I would change the wording of “Select the Operators you want to filter” from “filter” to “block” or “allow” (whichever it is).