Properties Not Updating on Opensea After Editing in Manifold?

I have edited some properties in Manifold Studio for an already minted token and paid the gas fee in Metamask

The details have not updated on Opensea though (or Looksrare or rarible) for that matter ?

Hmm thanks for reaching out. Have the changes been made on chain?

Don’t really know what you mean or more importantly how I can check?

I paid a gas fee using Metamask and that went though okay. The changes have also updated in Manifold studio

The issue could be that the token and contract was created using wallet A but then ownership of that contract was transferred to wallet B (via write contract in Etherscan)

The token shows in Manifold studio for Wallet A but not Wallet B

I added wallet A as an admin for Wallet B in Manifold so that I could amend the properties. As above went through okay and gas fee paid but just not updated on any marketplaces

Hope this makes sense !

Thanks for the reply

Any idea on this please Manifold team?


THis got resolved vby contacting Opensea who made some changes and then refreshing metadata in Opensea