Publishing Mint Error

Hello, I am Fodcom.
Fodunrin Olabinrin, founder of Fodcom
I have been experiencing problem with publishing a token mint.
I created series of FDC token, but at the point of publishing, I received this error message, “An unknown error occured, please contact support”
A screenshot is attached.

Could you share some details?

The browser I used when minting is Chrome
The Wallet I use is Metamask
My Contract Wallet address is : 0x80Ee4FAb833530695C1531637cD0185E866aaAD1
I tried using Sepolia Testnet to test the minting before I will deploy to Mainnet.
I have used this Contract Wallet Address before for the production of the same token, and some others, which are still available in my Wallet.
My plan is to produce batch of the same token, and place them for acquisition.

Token Mane : Fodcoin FDC
Description : Fodcoin FDC is a brand of cryptocurrency with the capability to issue invoices and value for exchanges.
FDC Flakes series.



Can you please open your browser console, hit retry and show us what your console logs say?

Also, do you have any other wallets installed or plugins installed?