Quesions on how to handle NFTs for podcast guests

gm frens. I am new to Manifold. I will outline what I am trying to do below. I appreciate your guidance on how to go about it.

I am looking to distribute NFTs to the guests on my podcast. Each NFTs are unique to the guests, meaning it is going to be a 1-1 and claimable only by a single wallet address. But all of these NFTs are gonna be part of the same collection.

So I want a scenario where I will be able to give NFTs to separate people per episode. My question is:

  • Will it be a single contract for the collection?
  • Each time I am minting a new NFT, can I make it claimable by a particular wallet address?
  • What kind of contract should I use for this (721 or 1155)
  • Kindly guide on how to go about this, and any considerations to keep in mind.

Additionally, please let me know if you have any questions I need to clarify to get the answer. Thank you.

gm! Will there tokens for the public to mint as well or you’re thinking just a single piece? If it’s just once piece, Instead of making a single piece to claim, you could also airdrop that piece to the guest as well.

Our docs might me helpful in explaining more about 1155/721s:

There won’t be tokens for the public to mint.

  1. One consideration: the guest NFT will be a recurring activity, as in every week in the future, somebody is going to be receiving the NFT. Would you still recommend airdrop for that?

  2. What would the estimated gas fee be like for a single airdrop to a single address?

  3. I would have preferred if the guest would pay for the gas, I believe that would be possible if I were to follow the original method I described on the question?