Question from Manifold documents

After reading through the documents, I have a few questions below.

  1. Who can sell on Manifold gallery? Eg. If creator already mint their NFT with Manifold contract, can they still sell on Manifold gallery. Or if I buy an NFT on Manifold gallery, can i sell that particular NFT on Manifold gallery or if I mint NFT on other platform such as opensea, can i sell them on Manifold gallery?
  2. What exactly is ‘true burn’, how is the NFT erase from blockchain?
  3. To set up burn and redeem, the creator have to deploy another contract to prepare for when buyer burn old NFT to redeem new NFT right?
  1. A creator can list any token they have created on Manifold in Gallery. If the token is minted on Opensea, you won’t be able to list it for sale in Gallery.
  2. Burning tokens: Burning Tokens - Manifold Docs
  3. A burn-redeem can be setup on any existing contract, if you’re looking to burn tokens on one contract for another that is possible too!